Meet the Owner

headshotwebpageDaniel Mount has been refinishing cabinets since the summer of 2009. After serving four years in the United States military, and finishing his college education, Daniel entered into the business world. With a background in sales, and a love for working with his hands, the company was a perfect fit. Daniel has over 800 satisfied clients in the Dallas Metroplex. And with over 100 positive reviews across the web, Daniel has a reputation for doing excellent work. With a friendly attitude, Daniel strives to keep his clients happy by anticipating needs and planning ahead.

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Pickled Cabinetry

Pickled finishes on cabinets and other woodwork was very popular in the 80s, with many new houses being built with all the woodwork pickled. Today white cabinets is the standard for new homes, but many people love the looks of their pickled woodwork and don’t want to paint over it. Just like any thing else in the home, there is maintenance, and cabinets are no different. Water and steam can damage the top coat, as well as scratches, nicks, and grease.

Refinishing pickled woodwork can restore the beauty of your cabinets and make them look like new again. We can restore the finish with our three step process of clean, stain, and finish. After thoroughly cleaning , we match the current stain often times with a custom stain mix, and then apply a durable top coat. All done by hand with a rag and a brush. Call Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing of Dallas for your free estimate and demonstration. We can take your worse door and make it look new again so their will be no doubt of the quality of our workmanship.


Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing/ Restoration

Have water damaged cabinets or greasy door handle areas. We can help! We can restore your stained, painted or pickled woodwork at a fraction of the cost of getting new cabinets and woodwork, refacing and even traditional refinishing and painting!

Our special Acrylic Polymer will protect your new or restored woodwork for years!

Our process is completed without sanding and without toxic strippers!

Fully insured. Our work is Guaranteed for 1 year! Most jobs are finished in 1-2 days.

Free estimates and demonstration. A veteran owned business with over 10 years experience in DFW.

Call or text pictures to 972-804-0311 for an over the phone estimate.