Cabinet Painting

For a contemporary new look in the kitchen painting is often an excellent choice. Whether it be white, off white, grey, or even blue. We can help! We offer excellent quality and customers service. When painting cabinets it is important to hire someone who knows what they are doing. Our process is very professional and looks great and is durable for many years.

First all the doors are numbered and transported to where they are sprayed at our dedicated paint shop. The frame is taped off and prepped by sanding and priming. Then our high quality paint is applied by brush and roller. The doors are returned about a week later and installed. Any final touch ups are done and hardware installed. We can also install custom soft-close hinges and add hardware if there isn’t any currently. Typically this takes about a week, but we are only in the house for about three days.

Meet the Owner

headshotwebpageDaniel Mount has been refinishing cabinets since the summer of 2009. After serving four years in the United States military, and finishing his college education, Daniel entered into the business world. With a background in sales, and a love for working with his hands, the company was a perfect fit. Daniel has over 800 satisfied clients in the Dallas Metroplex. And with over 100 positive reviews across the web, Daniel has a reputation for doing excellent work. With a friendly attitude, Daniel strives to keep his clients happy by anticipating needs and planning ahead.

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Pickled Cabinetry

Pickled finishes on cabinets and other woodwork was very popular in the 80s, with many new houses being built with all the woodwork pickled. Today white cabinets is the standard for new homes, but many people love the looks of their pickled woodwork and don’t want to paint over it. Just like any thing else in the home, there is maintenance, and cabinets are no different. Water and steam can damage the top coat, as well as scratches, nicks, and grease.

Refinishing pickled woodwork can restore the beauty of your cabinets and make them look like new again. We can restore the finish with our three step process of clean, stain, and finish. After thoroughly cleaning , we match the current stain often times with a custom stain mix, and then apply a durable top coat. All done by hand with a rag and a brush. Call Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing of Dallas for your free estimate and demonstration. We can take your worse door and make it look new again so their will be no doubt of the quality of our workmanship.


Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing of Dallas

Gleam Guard is a breakthrough technology that offers an economical way to permanently restore the beauty of your woodwork!

For less than the cost of traditional refinishing, refacing or even painting, we can restore and protect your woodwork. Our process is completed without sanding and without toxic strippers, yet can restore your woodwork with a hard finish that maintains a beautiful shine for many years to come.

This process works well with traditionally stained finishes as well as custom-matched pickled, glazed, whitewashed, and painted surfaces. Our trained servicemen start by rigorously cleaning and detailing your surfaces to remove any greases, oils, or smudges left behind by cooking or oiling over the years.

Then, damages from nicks and scratches, peeling or flaking from water and heat are touched up to restore that “like new” look.

Next, we apply our special final finish formula which bonds to the current surface and makes it smooth and easy to clean. This final finish is available in matte, semigloss, or high gloss finishes.

The Gleam Guard process enhances the wood grain and makes cleaning a breeze. With just a little maintenance and less expense than refinishing, refacing, or even painting, wood surfaces stay looking like they’ve been lovingly hand polished for years to come!

Let Gleam Guard improve your:

* Paneling and Molding
* Cabinets and Shelves
* Doors and Frames
* Desks and Credenzas
* Conference Tables and Chairs

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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing/ Restoration

Have water damaged cabinets or greasy door handle areas. We can help! We can restore your stained, painted or pickled woodwork at a fraction of the cost of getting new cabinets and woodwork, refacing and even traditional refinishing and painting!

Our special Acrylic Polymer will protect your new or restored woodwork for years!

Our process is completed without sanding and without toxic strippers!

Fully insured. Our work is Guaranteed for 1 year! Most jobs are finished in 1-2 days.

Free estimates and demonstration. A veteran owned business with over 10 years experience in DFW.

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Change The Color Of Your Kitchen Cabinets And Other Woodwork!

We can change the color of your kitchen cabinets without sanding them down to bare wood and without toxic strippers!

First we number all the doors and remove them. Then we remove hinges and prep the backgrounds of the cabinets. After cleaning everything with a strong de-greaser, we use a light sand paper to ‘rough up’ the finish and then use de-glosser to further soften the top coat. After a couple of applications the background is taped off and ready for stain. Our custom stain is applied by roller and brush; it dries for a day and then a topcoat is applied for excellent protection. The doors are returned to our shop, and the same process is duplicated. The doors are then installed and the final touches are applied. The whole process takes about 7 days, and we are in your home only about 3 of those days.

Our process is more affordable and less messy than replacing. The shade of the stain can be adjusted for lighter or darker shades. We can help update your kitchen and bathroom cabinets quickly and affordable. Call now! 972-804-0311


Front Door Refinishing

We can refinish your front door without sanding them down to bare wood, saving the headache of removing the door for a day or two and also the added expense. Most doors are done within 2-4 hours. After prepping the door with sandpaper and a high strength cleaner, the door knob is taped off and floors are covered. The door is then refinished in place by matching the color of the stain, either with a straight stain or a custom mix.

After all the bad spots are covered and the door looks good color wise, the top coat is applied for superior strength from the elements. We offer a one year warranty with our service, but the reality is most doors need to have a fresh coat of finish applied every year or two, depending on the amount of direct sunlight.PhotoGrid_1490812422736PhotoGrid_149081239629449a72ecd-70c4-4ee8-9839-cd9fcfc3f466doors12OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.

Mantle and Entertainment Center Refinishing

Gleam Guard can refinish your living room mantle, along with entertainment centers, book shelves, ceiling beams, and full paneled rooms. Freshen up your woodwork with a fresh coat of durable finish giving them a long lasting shine. Along with sprucing them up and repairing scratches and nicks, the finish enhances the current color exhibiting the beauty of the grain. Call today for a free estimate and demonstration. 972-804-0311.DSCN7090DSCN7089