Front Door Refinishing

We can refinish your front door without sanding them down to bare wood, saving the headache of removing the door for a day or two and also the added expense. Most doors are done within 2-4 hours. After prepping the door with sandpaper and a high strength cleaner, the door knob is taped off and floors are covered. The door is then refinished in place by matching the color of the stain, either with a straight stain or a custom mix.

After all the bad spots are covered and the door looks good color wise, the top coat is applied for superior strength from the elements. We offer a one year warranty with our service, but the reality is most doors need to have a fresh coat of finish applied every year or two, depending on the amount of direct sunlight. After the initial charge this yearly update is only half of the what the initial charge would be.PhotoGrid_1490812422736PhotoGrid_149081239629449a72ecd-70c4-4ee8-9839-cd9fcfc3f466doors12OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA.

Author: gleamguarddallas

Owner and Operator of Gleam Guard Cabinet Refinishing of Dallas

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